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And no matter how big the role, whether its two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster making moments come to brilliant life, or her understudy Shannon O’Boyle, who stepped in on her fair share of rehearsals without thinking twice, the quality of work being done is nothing short of tremendous.
— Ben Clark, composer/lyricist for The Circus in Winter
I saw the “Axe” cast starring Shannon O’Boyle as Lizzie, and she was perfection, able to move from throat-shredding vocals to a pure, clear, angelic note in the swing of an ax. You won’t hear a better voice on Broadway.
— Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer
The four-woman cast has been well-honed by Bussert. They are emotionally present at all times, never wavering from their excitement of telling the tale…Shannon O’Boyle is pretty, innocent looking, and a perfect Lizzie. She doesn’t appear to be capable of such a heinous deed, but when she lets loose vocally and emotionally, you can believe that she whacked away.
— Roy Berko, Cleveland -
Shannon O’Boyle brings depth and likeability to Vivienne Kensington.
— Tina Farmer,
Shannon O’Boyle is cool as a cucumber as Elle’s calculating nemesis, Vivienne.”
— Mark Bretz, LaDue News